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tradewinds lyrics

john denver
Artist: john denver
Song: tradewinds
Ridin' on a tradewind
Fillin? my sails with a soft and southerly breeze
Livin? on the ocean blue

Dreamin' of the islands
Rappin? myself in the glow of a tropical moon
I never shiver when the sun goes down

All the earth, she sings to me
Every shallow, every tree
Surely my loves shining like the sea

I can make you happy
If I can I?ll take you away on a wave in my arms
Never leave you on the edge all alone

If you feel like dancin?
Rollin? like the water across my sleepless night
Makin' me a peaceful place

All my life to be with you
All I ever want to do
Knowing you are feeling that way too

Distant thunder, heavy seas
Rocky Mountain memories
Surely I was lost till I found Thee
Ye ye ye
john denver
tradewinds lyrics
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