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time 2 chill lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: time 2 chill
Yo man you know what I'm sayin fuckin mission accomplished
now you know what I'm sayin?
I count like about 15 million, ya know what I'm sayin?
Split 4 ways yaknowhatI'msayin?
Then a we got like about seven kilo's of cocaine yeah yaknowhatI'msayin?
But uh on the real though yaknowhatI'msayin?
I think im about to gettin me a bitch or somethin yaknowhatI'msayin?
and cool out for a minute yaknowhatI'msayin?
Yeah I think we able 2 do that for a minute
(I just ordered this white vette, man I just found out somethin man
all my bitches are the same as my hoes, I keep em)
Yeah yaknowhatI'msayin?
I'm startin to feel the same way fuckin way K yaknowhatI'msayin?
But I have been checkin out, I a hella money now yaknowhatI'msayin?
I'ma think about this one bitch
I think I'ma give her a call, see if she's home, yaknowhatI'msayin?
But I ain't really like trippin with these bitches
Cause some of these bitches be talkin hella shit yaknowhatI'msayin?
These niggaz didn't know we could do this, yaknowhatI'msayin?, yeah
But check this out though, we gon go up there,
Get large on these motherfuckers yaknowhatI'msayin?
These motherfuckin broke bust type ass niggaz yaknowhatI'msayin?
Suck my dick, yaknowhatI'msayin?
Cause I'd jack em up in a minute, yaknowhatI'msayin?
Yea, but uh, check this out,
I think that bitch say ya know she was gon be at the
motherfuckin, uh, show tonight yaknowhatI'msayin?
I told her to meet me over there after the concert yaknowhatI'msayin?
We gon' cool out for a minute, yeah, we got to do that yaknowhatI'msayin?
It's just time to cool out perve for a minute yaknowhatI'msayin?
Don't let this shit die out yaknowhatI'msayin?
We done handled our business yaknowhatI'msayin?
If we would have made a serious jack move and get paid
Everybody see if we straight yaknowhatI'msayin?
I think I'm gonna go out here and get me one of these motherfucker
Bout three 40's motherfucker 1991 benz's yaknowhatI'msayin?
Drop top convertable yaknowhatI'msayin?
Me and my bitch yaknowhatI'msayin?
I can see it now yaknowhatI'msayin?
Me and my bitch cruising on the motherfuckin lake
and ?? yaknowhatI'msayin?
yeah, but check this out, that bitch better be there that's all I'm sayin
YaknowhatI'msayin?, I aint doin this for nothin yaknowhatI'msayin?
My bitch better be there, ya know, yeah
I'm outta here im bout to go and spend
some of this motherfucking money yaknowhatI'msayin?
Peace to all the bitches in the world yaknowhatI'msayin?
from Master P, he's straight mack from 1991
master p
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