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the painted word lyrics

television personalities
Artist: television personalities
Song: the painted word
Album: The Painted Word
Year: 2005
If I wanted to I'd write a book
But it would take some time
I'd spend my life writing poetry
Thinking of words that have to rhyme
I just haven't got the time
I just haven't got the time

The Painted Word

The Painted Word
I just haven't got the time
I can't be bothered to think of words that have to rhyme

Take some paint
Take some canvas
Take a brush
Take your colour
Show me what you feel
Show me what you feel inside

Who needs Picasso?
Who needs Brecht?
Who needs Van Gogh?
Who needs Vasarely?
I'll paint what I damn well want to

Fifteen minutes Mr. Warhol, fifteen minutes
Fifteen minutes
Show me what you see
I see a tree, two children and a car
A large sign that says "Coca Cola"
What colour is the car?
The colour of your dream
What colour is my dream?
Can I share my dream?

Can't hate
To paint the time
television personalities
the painted word lyrics
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