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tenderly calling lyrics

john denver
Artist: john denver
Song: tenderly calling
Chorus: Home, come on home
Ye who are weary come home
Softly and tenderly calling
Home, come on home

Sometimes when I'm feeling lonesome
And no one on earth seems to care
I'm all by myself in the darkness
With no one and nothing to share

Just when it feels like it's hopeless
And I'll never make it alone
I hear the voices of angels
Tenderly calling me home


I try to keep it together
I never let on that I'm scared
Still sometimes I fall to pieces
Scattered and lost everywhere

Just when it feels like there's no one
To mend all my broken down dreams
I hear a voice deep inside me
Tenderly calling to me


So don't be afraid of the darkness
And don't run away from the storm
Stand up and face your reflection
The feelings you try to ignore

After the tempest is over
You've let yourself come on through
You'll hear a voice in the silence
Tenderly calling to you


Words & Music by Jan Garrett
john denver
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