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tear by tear lyrics

sister hazel
Artist: sister hazel
Song: tear by tear
Album: Absolutely
Year: 2006
We all know sadness
And I feel your pain
Well everybody knows a little loneliness sometimes
'Cause we're all the same

We all have sorrow
We all have shame
Everybody feels a bit of emptiness sometimes
Now what you gonna do about that

There's a way to keep going
Step by step
Try to fix what's been broken
Brick by brick
While your life will keep coming
Year after year
Drain the pain
Tear by tear
Drain away the pain
Tear by tear

Take a look around you
Every face that you see
Well everybody gets a little paralyzed sometimes
The epidemic of our insanity


And the mother she waits
'Cause her teenager's late
Till the knock on the door
He says ma'am I am so sorry
And soldiers come home
One leg less than they'd gone with
We all walk around like there's just nothing wrong with it

The doctor he cries 'cause his last patient died
Did I mention before he was a father of five
And the waitress is home
Well she can't pay her loan
She's lost everything - everything
Has no where to go

And the fat kid at school couldn't take anymore
All the taunts and the names and the ugliest words
No one even stopped to notice
Went on with their day
Till he pulled out a gun and blew himself away

There's a way to keep going
Step by step
Try to fix what's been broken
Brick by brick

You can drain all the pain
Tear by tear
Tear by tear
sister hazel
tear by tear lyrics
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