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space ship lyrics

golden earring
Artist: golden earring
Song: space ship
From the Album:
* Face it

I remember it happened
Late one night
No moon - no stars
No sound - no light
I was young and scared
And afraid of the dark
When I saw that space ship
Shaped like a heart
The years went by
Just like a shot
I was way too busy
Growing up - I was datin' girls
So I forgot -
All about that space ship
Shaped like a heart
Well I woke up one morning
Feelin' fed up and lost
Runnin' out of luck
Desperate for love
And there she was
I kid you not -
That space ship shaped like a heart
Blindin' my eyes
Cloudin' my sight
Givin' me hope it would be all right
Space ship shaped like a heart
I saw it in your eyes
And in the way you smile
Right from the start
Space ship shaped like a heart
Don't wanna ask me why
Don't wanna say goodbye
To that heart in the sky
I was standin' by the window
We just made love
I was comin' down
>From the push and shove
And lookin' up -
I saw a spark
It was a space ship
Shaped like a heart
golden earring
space ship lyrics
by golden earring lyrics
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