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shotgun man lyrics

jerry lee lewis
Artist: jerry lee lewis
Song: shotgun man
Well I ain't no double o seven I ain't no double o soul
I'm not the coolest cat around my love needs a Mohair Sam
I'm not the son of the seventh son but I'm a next thing to a son-of-a-gun
They call me shotgun, honey I'm the shotgun man
I may not be an engineer baby but I know how to run your train
I'm no firefighter either but I know how to put out your flame
I'm a man that likes to have fun oh I'm the next thing to a son-of-a-gun
Shotgun honey I'm the shotgun man whoa play it boy
[ horns ]
I can't howl like the howlin' wolf man can't talk that talk like old John R do
I'm the jack of all trades but I bet you now baby I'm a son-of-a-gun
Shotgun, oh they call me a shotgun man let's go now

I ain't afraid I'm not a livin' man up against any of-a them I stand
I know when to fight and I know when to run
Cause I'm a next thing to a son-of -a-gun
They call me shotgun, hey I'm a shotgun man
Alright let's rock it a little now
Shotgun I'm a shotgun man whoa oh I'm a shotgun I'm a shotgun man
jerry lee lewis
shotgun man lyrics
by jerry lee lewis lyrics
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