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she cheats on me lyrics

ferlin husky
Artist: ferlin husky
Song: she cheats on me
She wakes me every morning with a touch of her hand
A soft voice says good morning dear
Lips like red roses whisper my name as I thrill to her presence so near
Eyes bright as diamonds a purplish gleam a luster that grows from her cheeks
My tears almost show but she must never know that I know she cheats on me
I stand in the doorway she smiles up at me and says darling have a good day
A sweet kind of sadness swells up in my heart as I look down on her angel face
She's hiding a secret that I help her keep to lose her I couldn't conceive
So I just let it go so she will never know that I know she cheats on me
I come home in the evening she meets me at the door her smile melts my anger away
A warm cup of coffee my slippers by the chair it's the end of another long day
I can't fight the feeling that I have for her such beauty to lie a deceive
I can't let her go so she must never know that I know she cheats on me
ferlin husky
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