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set him free lyrics

skeeter davis
Artist: skeeter davis
Song: set him free
Set him free, set him free
For I love him, you see

Order in the court
Do you swear to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing but the truth
So help you God

Yes, I do
Judge, I've never believed in divorces
Unless they just have to be
But after you've heard my story
Then I know you'll set this man free

It began right after the wedding
She cheated and she lied from the start
And I could see from the way they were hidden
This woman would soon break his heart

Set him free, set him free
For I love him, you see

The three of us were always the best of friends
But when I leave this courtroom, judge, I know our friendship ends
If you could've heard the awful things that I've heard her say
Why she'd call him names and slap his face, and he'd just turn away

And the nights we went out for fun
It was all so plain to see then
She'd dance all night with someone else
And leave him there with me

Set him free, set him free
For I love him, you see

Now I ask you, judge, to understand
Think it over slow
You see, I fell in love with him
And I don't care who knows

I'd respect him as a husband
And I'd treat him like a man
I know I can help him find more happiness
Than this woman ever can

Well, judge, you've heard my story
It's true as true can be
I've even told you that I love him
So, judge, won't you please set him free?

Set him free, set him free
For I love him, you see
skeeter davis
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