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serenity in fire lyrics

Artist: kataklysm
Song: serenity in fire
Album: Serenity In Fire
Year: 2004
Where is this paradise?
This heaven you call my life!
Just to give it one more chance...
Don't test my patience
To believe that destiny could change...
I'm lost inside this world...
To believe that I can tame this rage
I'm lost inside myself...

No more...substance. No more...meaningful lessons
No more...resistance. No more...truthful essence

All the lies are written in the skies

Don't try to justify the life you crucified
I'm immortal but ready to die!
Watch the angels fall, they drop tears of blood
I think my life is fading away. Yes...I'm swept away

Serenity in fire
My heart one with the dark, my soul trapped and gridlocked

Serenity in fire

I'll strike them down!!
Spread your I strike them down!

I'm lost inside this world...I'm lost inside myself
No one can change this world. You made hell

No more...resistance
No more...truthful essence
No more...substance

No more...meaningful lessons
Don't try to justify the life you crucified
All the lies are written in the skies

I'm immortal but ready to die!
I'll strike you down!
serenity in fire lyrics
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