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screw ya'll niggas lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: screw ya'll niggas
(Chamillionaire Verse 1)
Yeah Mayne It's Chamillitary off da block keep it locked nigga
got houston in my hand please understand dat i a real nigga off da posted till we keep dat gat cocked screw with me and you show 2 get yo azz popped

(Dee Money Verse 2)
I'm in new orleans on the block i keep dat thang cock but u niggaz know i goes no where with out my hand on da glock 1 love 2 dj screw mayne i miss u 2 holla at lil flip nigga what it do

(Lil Flip Verse 3 )
Nigga i let my chain hang screw da club i'm still let dat 9 bang i get da club crunked go that candy paint on on stones with da gat screw u nigga keep dat thang cocked screwed u nigga and we still keep dat thang cocked.

(Mike Jones Bridge)
I'm mike jones from houston 2 dat napper dj screw got them sounds dcat ya'll wanna hear i'm mike jones from houston 2 dat napper dj screw got them sounds dat ya'll wanna hear

Yeah Motha Fuckaz Chamillitary Dee Money Lil Fliperazi and ya boy mike jones let's go
screw ya'll niggas lyrics
by chamillionaire lyrics
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