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old folks home lyrics

the wilburn brothers
Artist: the wilburn brothers
Song: old folks home
What will happen to your mama and daddy after they have grown old
You know things're really changed a lot in these modern days
And as moms and daddys grow old seems like they kinda gettin' away
They raised a big family and then they left 'em on
Sent off somewhere to live in an old folks home
Oh they'd like to be with their children but they don't wanna impose
For you might have to wash up some of their faded old clothes
Yes they've nursed you and raised you until you were grown
But that's the thanks they get for all of this a place in an old folks home
Do you remember the many nights they sat beside your bed
And mama would place a cold cloth to your hot feveres head
And she'd say now don't you worry it'll be all right dear
For your mama and your daddy will gonna be sittin' right here
Why they sat there through the long night and then when daylight came
Mom and dad would go on with their hard day's work you'd never hear 'em complain
They nursered you cause they loved you why you were their very own
How in the world can you leave 'em out there livin' in the old folks home
Oh you have a beautiful place to live and you're drivin' a brand new car
Mom and dad would sure enjoy those comforts you enjoy livin' there where you are
Still you live there in splendor just like a king on his throne
And they're left somewhere neglected by you livin' in an old folks home
Why you have a nice room right there ahead of the stairs
And a big soft bed yes no one's sleepin' there
You have a big yardback out all full of pretty flowers
Why don't you bring 'em back from that old folks home
So the last hours would be happy hours
What will happen to your mama and daddy after they have grown old
the wilburn brothers
old folks home lyrics
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