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nobody's fault lyrics

An Pierlé
Artist: An Pierlé
Song: nobody's fault
I've done it again
Forced me to
Another piece in my collection
Of plays with you

I've done it again
Several times
I guess it really takes a lot of beating
Before you cry

Alright, i've been blind

But nothing ever happens
Some things won't ever change
And if I'm being inconsiderate
I'm ashamed

And it's always something different
The grass is greener on the other side
I guess i've always been a dreamer
With a dirty mind

But it's
Nobody's fault
And if
Someone arranged this for me
Getting his kicks out of it
It's not my fault

I've done it again
I was
Weak again
I guess I lost my chance of heaven
Before it came

Alright, i've been blind

If something ever happens
And i've no chance to say goodbye
This is my way to say I'm sorry
One last time
But it's nobody's fault
An Pierlé
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