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no way, no way lyrics

fred hammond
Artist: fred hammond
Song: no way, no way
Uh huh, yeah
Uh huh

(Verse 1)
Woke up to the sound of morning news
Looking out the window
Things was cool
Checking on my list of things to do
And everything's all right
Telephone rings and then I learned
My life tries to take a drastic turn
The world tries to cave in, do you hear me
Before 10:AM
But no way

No way, no way you won't lose
I hear You Lord, reassuring me
Again, again
You have shown
You're in control of everything

(Special Chorus)
One thing is crystal clear
(It's clear to me0
You cover my inabilities
(Yes You do)
When everything is going down
You turn it around, around.

(Verse 2)
Now you know you got an enemy
A fair fight is not his strategy
But we can take complete authority
And let that joker know
With the armor of the Lord
We standing strong
And even if we take a hit we're moving on
Let's stay in there my friend
'Cause his word declares we win

(Chorus X2)

(Ad lib 1)
If you love Him
Let me see you do this (Yeah)
Praise Him in your trouble
Raise your hands like this (Yeah)
Believe He will deliver
Let me see you do this (Yeah)
If you believe the Word
Let me hear you say (Yeah)

(Ad-lib 2)
Are you more than a conqueror (uh huh yeah)
Are you more than a conqueror, (say, uh huh)
That the power of God is enough, (uh huh yeah)
And we can do anything in His name, (uh huh)
Are you more than a conqueror say, (uh huh yeah)
That you're more than a conqueror, true, (uh huh)
When the trouble get tight just believe, (uh huh yeah)
That the Lord is going to come to save you and me too, say huh

You're the reason why
Victory is mine
That's the bottom line
You're the reason why

If it's a mountain
(I'll speak to it)
If I'm in the fire
(You'll see me through it)
What I can't do
(You'll see to it)
If I ask in Your name
(You will do it)
fred hammond
no way, no way lyrics
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