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no friend at all lyrics

in due time
Artist: in due time
Song: no friend at all
are you my friend or my foe?
sometimes I just don't know
cause it seems like your always on my side
but I know your lies
and what you try to hide
if I could I would leave you laying
mark my words
remember what im saying
but this is like throwing a punch into the wind (in to the wind!)
it's all I can do
all I can do to resist you
your forked tongue
(only breathes lies!)
you have ruined
(too many lives!)
now the time has come
your domination will die
I'm giving out
but I'm not giving in
cause you would never give up on me
you know how this ends
God's wrath has sealed your fate
your forked tongue
only breathes lies
you have ruined
too many lives
now the time has come
your domination will die
in due time
no friend at all lyrics
by in due time lyrics
rick ross
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