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my opening farewell lyrics

bonnie raitt
Artist: bonnie raitt
Song: my opening farewell
Baby stands before an open window
Looking so far away
He can almost feel southern winds blow
Gently touching his restless day

He turns from his window to me
Sad smile, his apology
Sad eyes reaching to the door

Daylight loses to another evening
And still he spares me the words 'Goodbye'
Sits alone beside me, fighting his feelings
Struggles to speak but in the end can only cry

Suddenly it's so hard to find
The sound of the words
To speak his troubled mind
So I'm offering ease to him as if to be kind

There's a train every day leading either way
There's a world you know, there's a way to go
You'll soon be gone, it's just as well
This is my opening farewell

A child's drawing's left there on the table
And a woman's silk is lying on the floor
I would keep them here if I were able
To lock you safe behind it's open door

Suddenly it's so clear to me
That I'd ask you to see
What you may never see
Now my kind words find their way back to me

There's a train every day leaving either way
There's world you know, got a way to go
I'll soon be gone, it's just as well
This is my opening farewell, this is my opening farewell
bonnie raitt
my opening farewell lyrics
by bonnie raitt lyrics
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