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momma's got her boobs out lyrics

rodney carrington
Artist: rodney carrington
Song: momma's got her boobs out

Momma’s Got Her Boobs Out
Rodney Carrington

I remember way back when i was just a boy,
Goin’ places with my mom and dad,
it used to scare me to death how momma used to act
after six or seven beers she's had.
we were sittin’ at a table when momma got disabled
all the liquor runnin’ to her head,
and soon I got to chokin’ daddy wasn't jokin’ when he grabbed me by the arm and said

don't look now momma's got her boobs out
showing everybody in town,
our faces turnin' red we were wishin we were dead,
there where people standing all around
when momma gets to drinking there ain't much thinkin,
there's nothing anybody can do,
you just hope and pray there never comes a day when momma's out drinkin with you

"Verse 2"

well we got her in the truck and we started drivin home
when momma said she had to go,
daddy pulled it over,
we were standing on the shoulder while momma's puttin on a show
well he started up the truck
and momma stood up with her pants still around her knees,
when we heard momma hollar
if ya give me a dollar well I'll let you take a peek at these.
rodney carrington
momma's got her boobs out lyrics
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