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mass appeal madness lyrics

napalm death
Artist: napalm death
Song: mass appeal madness
Album: Noise For Music's Sake
Year: 2003
Lyrics : barney greenway / music : shane embury, mitch harris

Tell me, assure me,
I really can't relate with your dishonesty.
Dissention seeking attention,
Yet segregation from the ones' that really cared.

Tell me, assure me,
I really can't relate with your dishonesty.
Cash styled deadhead,
No conscience or opinions.
Material gain bar hapiness means shit.

It means shit.

Mass appeal madness eats your brain.
False influence like a leech,
Sucking dry your veins.
Public eyes see fit your second face.
Freakshow - fooling those who imitate.

Clever marketing to dominate
Screwing those who gave you your big break.

And when the bubble bursts,
Exposing your selfish crap,
You'll cry for sympathy...
We'll just sit back and laugh.
napalm death
mass appeal madness lyrics
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