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macabre tavern lyrics

The Church
Artist: The Church
Song: macabre tavern
First night of summer the air comes rushing in across the
Bringing strange birds from beyond
Deep in some, she's gone to another place
Far far from here, sand filled waves crash down
And churn on a moonlit beach, and white

I will drink with you to forget, if you have a brain I will
Eat with you, and in doing so
Since the beginning of time
With purchases intended

The future ingests us as the past spits us out
Lead to ridiculous one night schemes
Never do anything twice
Many dark nights and scramble for attention

Many a dream of open possibilities with conscious discontentment
That's what they want, that's what they want to hear
A miserable relic of ecstasy
A ruinous affair or an unexplained death

A kick in the head from a velvet boot of tristesse
And a cruel pinch of weary irony, misery monger
Or pleasure man, leaves behind unsatisfied involving
The Church
macabre tavern lyrics
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