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look to the children lyrics

sister hazel
Artist: sister hazel
Song: look to the children
Album: Somewhere More Familiar
Year: 1997
I took a walk by the sea
Nothing else, just for me
Yesterday was a long, long time ago

There's a man and he's sighing
It's all he's got to keep from crying
His shattered dreams have been worn down by life

As I wonder now
How a man gets so far down
Where's the pride and the glory?
Where's the pot of gold?

And I, I, I look to the children

Took a walk by the sea
I'd forgotten what it meant to me
Some things we should carry from the past

There's a boy and he's singin'
And in the wind his words are ringin'
His innocence it is buried in us all

As I look and see
That boy inside of me
May have seen a storm or two
But the dream's alive

And I, I, I look to the children
I look to the children

As I look around
So many, so far down
Just search inside yourself
'Cause the dream's alive

I, I look to the children
I look to the children
sister hazel
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