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like angels weeping lyrics

Artist: kataklysm
Song: like angels weeping
These walls are closing in, they'r boung to suffoeate me
Compled to live my life in ways I could never imagine
Can you save the dying eyes? Sentenced to never be free
I stand convieted of all your fucking lies

I can't wait to see... all the things, that should never see the light
The damage is irreversable... outrageous...
Like Angels Weeping The Dark

You'll never know what you did to me
Until I take my last breath... I'll take you to hell with me!

You want your chaos?.. I'll give your war
Locked inside myself. I'll always blame it on you

I can't wait to see... all the things... that should never the light
The Danage, is irriversible... outrangeous..
Like Angels Weeping The Dark
like angels weeping lyrics
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