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let me see it lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: let me see it
Album: Ghetto Bill
Year: 2005
chorus: Master P
Let me see it
Let me see it
Let me see it
Let me see it
Let me see that cat
Let me see that cat
oh BBbbbbitch i don't know what's next
but i love to watch porn because i love sex
Fuck some bitches
and let them suck dick like leeches

bridge: C-Los
Let me see it Girl
I'll make you twirl
You son of a gun
Let me fuck you hun
I'll make you see the sun
And you're going to have fun


Pop Black:
Let me see that cat
I wanna see if it's as big as a bat
Let me see it
Becuase i wanna fuck that shit
c'mon girl i want to fuck that cat
i love you cause you're the shit
Let me see it
becuase i'll make you see the world
I'm like ludacris because i'm pimpin all over the world
so let me see it

Chorus: Ruga

Lil D:
Let mee see that shit
In return i won't treat you like shit
it's the truth, i aint making bullshit
Let me fuck that shit
if you have one wish like ray j
your wish is my command because i'm a baller, but i am not gay
im not going to be like frakie j
because i don't have to deal
and im baller for real
and i am not gay like frankie j

chorus:Master P, C-Los, Pop Black, Lil D, Tank, And Ruga
master p
let me see it lyrics
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