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david crosby
Artist: david crosby
Song: katie did
Katie Did

(David Crosby and Jeff Pevar)

One, two, three ...

[Intro. (Electric Guitar)]

Over the northern border
Up where it's always been
Out in the great wheat ocean
There lives a great north wind
It blew around Katies' ankles
It blew all around her feet
Blew her mind into the snowdrift
Along the edges of the street
Katie did, Katie did
Katie did what had to be done
Katie did, Katie did
What she did was run
She ran down to the music
She ran down to the light
Feel the drumbeat movin' her feet
Made her just as high as a kite
She had been singing along with the records
Pretending she was in front of the band
She had a pretty good ear and legs up to here
When she did it she felt just grand

[Instrumental (Electric Guitars)]

She went down to Chicago
She went down to LA
Sometimes no one listened sometimes they did
Sometimes she got to play
But sometimes she'd miss her wheatfield
A sky like a big blue bowl
Guitar would start talking to her heart
The girl was meant to rock and roll
Katie did, Katie did
Katie did what had to be done
Katie did, Katie did
Katie did what had to be done
Katie did, Katie did
Katie did what had to be done

[Instrumental Ending (Electric Guitars)]
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