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in tenebris lyrics

Artist: rhapsody
Song: in tenebris
Album: Power Of The Dragonflame
Year: 2002
Tenebra, tenebra... domina!
Tenebra, tenebra... danna me!
and so cross the crypts of ghostland... now...
Let me open the dark portal
lead me to your horned beast named king...
Tenebra, tenebra... danna me!
Tenebra, tenebra... domina!
Let me see his face...
Furia cieca, caos in me...
the oceans' waters... to stop inferno's breath!
I will call my fire, air, earth,
Tenebra... libera me!
Tenebra, tenebra... domina!
Tenebra, tenebra... danna me!
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