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i got you lyrics

skeeter davis
Artist: skeeter davis
Song: i got you
[ Bobby ]
Don't get no attention from the people on the street
They don't even see us they just step right on our feet
Two unnoticed people in this great big world are we
And when I think about it I guess that's all we'll ever be
[ Both ]
But I got you and you got me and if they look they can see that we don't care
I got you and you got me and baby that's all we will ever need
[ Skeeter ]
Looking through the window of a fancy diamond store
Goin' window shopping for the things we can't afford
People all around us with their noses in the air
They walk right on by us just like we're not even there
[ Both ]
But I got you...
[ trumpet - steel ]
[ Bobby ]
Though the world around us hasn't time to know we're near
We don't feel neglected no we'll never shed a tear
[ Skeeter ]
We may go unnoticed but we'll never be alone
As long as we're together in a world that's all our own
[ Both ]
Cause I got you...
I got you and you got me and baby that's all we will ever need
skeeter davis
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