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how does it feel lyrics

pretty maids
Artist: pretty maids
Song: how does it feel
See her walking in the street
Big city bitter sweet
Into that poisened rain
She's among familiar faces
In this dirty rotten place
Where only lies remain

She's got the heart of an angel
Her soul open wide
But the hunger has waken the devil inside her

What is it like on this trip you're rinin' baby
Now don't you see there's no safety in hidin'

How does it feel
You've been away too long
Out of touch
Left out on your own
How does it feel
Do you see right from wrong
Lady Lust you're a long way from home

Now she finds her way around
At the lost and never found
She's got to go with the flow
There's a rope around her neck
On the road to her regret
She walks the straight and narrow

In the eyes of the world
She's a nobodys job
A broken down girl
She's stuck on the wild side

What's it like on this trip you're ridin' baby
Now don't you see there's no safety in hidin'


Somebody said what you give is what you get
But there's some who gets nothing in return
Out of luck
Down on love
She's getting fed up with anything she does

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