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here we are lyrics

jimmy buffett
Artist: jimmy buffett
Song: here we are
Album: Paddlin Out
Year: 2006
Here we are
Here we are
Here we are
Here we are

Who would have thought this game, this flame, would still be burning?
Who would have guessed that all these blenders would still be churning?
Not even we, on our bended knees could have ever blessed it.
Not even I, with my head in the sky could have ever guessed it, but...
Here we are, for a family reunion, costume barbeque.
All the black sheep, family outcasts and a freak or two.

No, the hat tricks and the gold bricks still don't have us down.
Still a “party for the hearty” when we come to town.
You're still grinnin', we're still winnin', nothing left to say.
Death defyin' as I go flyin' down this endless wave, and...
Here we are, we're the offbeat Uncle Fred's who spill their wine on you.
And the "in your face" Aunt Rachel's with an attitude.
All the ones who use your bathroom then eat all your food.
We're the dreamy Deadheads who just like us and Dave Matthews.

Here we are, maybe it's because in spite of all the work we do,
It's the child in us we really value.
Here we are, with our fins up and our feathers flashing,
Here we are, with our coconut shell brassieres chaffing...

Here we are
Here we are
Here we are
Here we are
jimmy buffett
here we are lyrics
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