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have i never lyrics

Artist: babyface
Song: have i never
Written by babyface (1995)
Performed by a few good men

Have I never told you I love you
Have I never told you I care
Have I never told you how much I need you
Have I ever , ever not been there

If I've never told you I care
Girl, I swear to you
It's not because the feeling's not there
I promise to you
From the top of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
Girl, don't you know
I loved you then, I love you know
And will for ever more

Have I never told you I love you
Have I never told you the words
Baby I love you (you know I love you)
Just know that I love you

Have I ever told you I miss you
Have I ever hurt your heart
Girl I never ever meant to mistreat you
Girl I could never knowingly break your heart

If I've ever caused you to feel
The words I speak straight from my heart
Are not very real
I promise to you from the tip of my heart
Through the depth of my soul
I pray that you will know
I loved you now, and I loved you then
And will for ever more


Oh baby, baby, baby you will
Always be my lady
And I promise I will
Never break your heart
'cause I love you
I need you
And will forever


I love you
Just know that I love you
have i never lyrics
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