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glow worm lyrics

The Church
Artist: The Church
Song: glow worm
You're so easy to love, you're so easy to adore
You're easy to want, I always want more
The way that you talk, it puts me in a dream
Makes me feel like the cat who had the cream

You're so easy to love, you're easy to be with
I'm tellin' everybody that you must be a gift
From higher planes, as a broken soul below
I always wanna be livin' in your glow

You're so easy to love, you're so easy just to like
Don't change a thing 'cos everything's just right
You fly like a swan, you sing like a bird
I wanna tell you everything but I can't find the words

You're so easy to love, you're so lovely just to touch
So beautiful to see, I wanna see so much
Alone in your head, I wonder where you roam
It doesn't really matter if you always come home

You're so easy to love, so nice just to kiss
You're standin' in the light, I'm bathin' in the bliss
Beautiful as hell, wonderful as well
Don't you know I'm buyin' whatever you can sell?

You're so easy to love, so easy to be 'round
Asleep so sweet but with your tiny sleepin' [Incomprehensible]
I hold you in my arms, I see you in my mind
I need you every day, I need you every night

You're so easy to love, you're so easy to admire
You've got me by the heart if anyone inquires
You're soft and you're strong, you're cool and you're warm
Delicate, intricate, triumph over form

You're so easy to love, you're so crucial to my life
I want you to know that everything's alright
The way that you love, it's pure and it's strong
If you stay around, nothing can go wrong
The Church
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