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get wrong lyrics

lil wyte
Artist: lil wyte
Song: get wrong
Album: The One and Only
Year: 2007
In The Hood Stackin Funds
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Purple Kush In My Lungs
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Got Carrots In The Charms???
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Feelin Real Pimpish
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Big Wheels On The Ride
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Peanut Butter All Inside
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Jealous When I Ride By
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish
Feelin Real Pimpish
Got Me Feelin Real Pimpish

[Verse 1: Lil Wyte]
Im Feelin Real Damn Pimpish, Im Blinging, Im High As A Kite
Im Clean, Im Clean Headed To The Club Tonite
If I See Ya You Know Ima Dip Down And Holla
As Long As It Dont Slow Up My Dollas
Ima Fall Back Way Back Peepin Vip
Where The Club Owner Told Us It Was Cool To Smoke Weed
Black Light, Neon Lights All They See Is The Charm
We Strapped, We Strapped And We Aint Out To Cause Harm
In The Hood Stackin Funds Peanut Butter In The Ride
We Aint Even Worried Bout The Haters On The Otha Side
Ive Been Feelin Real Pimpish Since I Stepped Out The Door
New Shoes New Clothes New Cars And New Dro


[Verse 2: Lil Wyte]
Now Im Circilin The Bay Bangin Feelin Real Pimpish
And Im Feelin Real Pimpish From This Life That Im Livin
I Sit Back And Dream And Them Bitches Come True
If I Can Do This Shit Tell Me Why Cant You
Im A Regular Motherfucker Just Like Him Or Her Them Or They
Another Southerner Here To Play From The Volunteer State
Now We Officially On The Roster
Memphis Legends Won The Oscar
No More Waitin In Line Nowhere And Personally I Didnt Win The Oscar
But I Still Get All The Perks The Game Has To Fucking Offer
New Clothes, A Lot Of Money So Im Fresh As A Lobster
I Could Do This All Day Lay Low And Make A Killin
Project Pat Please Tell These Motherfuckers How Im Feelin
lil wyte
get wrong lyrics
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