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get on my level lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: get on my level
Album: Mixtape Messiah 3
Year: 2007
If being rich is bad for my health
Than baby im goin be ill forever
And im known to make ladies melt
U boys better (get on my level) x8
Cause your boy burn it up

Man that chrome plated woman in the hood steady hummin
Tha messiah who they summon and the mixtape king is coming
Better hope it’s the rap and not the split something on yo woman
Cause the only thing we got in common is the common denomin
Later a hater is less and never greater
From continent to continent I cross em like a fader
My garage full of RAAA yeah jaguars and gators
My hand were the okies goin land like the raiders
Grippen, Flippen which vehicle am I picken
Got a set of chrome feet and a bunch of beat about yo sticken
Lil kids stick their face on the frame and start licken
Still rollin the old school with the hood things drippen
Lady is gravy her hair is in the wind
The vehicle that’s older than your parents is a sin
My baby a lady got yellow candy skin
Open the garage and look in im like where should I begin
Driver name Rick I call him Ricky Retardo
He’s lost in the garage like a game of where is Waldo
Ask where he’s at and he’s like lookin for your Gallardo
Look in every spot but ive been lookin for an hour bro
Sweet tooth candy is on every single car no starburst
Rappers on the interior of my car flow
But im the rapper that stay burstin on that star though
That line went over there heads baby but yall know
Keep plenty chicks in the coup like a farm yo
Keep a car but I don’t ever see a car note
You O.J Simpson with those broads though
You like em white and skinny like a Marlboro
And I keep a chick on each arm like jack tripper
If she thicker im a picker if she not im a skipper
If I land on a island like the skipper
Than sex on the beach im a give her is not liquor
You can never think of a thought that is as throwed as me
Real got to be real got to know its me
Paper chasin we racin but you aint close to see
Im Chamillionaire but who the hell you supposed to be
Got a crib in LA so the Hollywood sign will notice me
Surprise sign knocking doors down is how you notice me
How many cribs really his somewhere over three
That real estate is Chamillions place lets show em B

If being rich is bad for my health
Than baby im goin be ill forever
And im known to make ladies melt
U boys better (get on my level) x8
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