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fat person man lyrics

jimmy buffett
Artist: jimmy buffett
Song: fat person man
You got to get rid of dat fat person man
Send him to french guiana china or japan
Get him off of dis island
Ders no reconcilin' da rumours have already spread
He don't leave dis island
He lose his head
I can't help it I just tell the truth

Now sheila I can't do that
Try and understand
He's not just some drunk asshole
He's my money man
He's got banks in nebraska
And mines in alaska
His childish ways can be misread

I'll say it one more time sir
He lose his head I can't help it,
I just tell the truth

Now lester's really harmless

But hippolyte's a threat

Whole life here in kinja
Rests on this tilson fete
I can't have a beheading
Or any blood letting
Oh sheila tell me what to do

Stick to do dat fat person
Like you be glue

I will keep him on the beach at the barbeque

I can't help it
I just tell the truth
jimmy buffett
fat person man lyrics
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