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elegy from gump worsley lyrics

the weakerthans
Artist: the weakerthans
Song: elegy from gump worsley
He looked more like our fathers
Not a goalie, player, athlete period
Smoke, half-ash
Stuck in that permanent smirk

Tugging jersey around the beer gut
'I'm strictly a whiskey man'
Was one of the sticks he taped up
And gave to a nation of pudgy boys [Incomprehensible]

Favorites from Plympton's list
Of objects thrown by Rangers fans
Soup cans, persimmon, eggs
A folding chair and a dead rabbit

The nervous breakdown of '68-'69
After Pan Crap flights from L.A., the expansion
A shrink told me to change occupations
I had to forget it

He swore he was never afraid of the puck
We believe him
If anyone asks, the inscription should read
'My face was my mask'
the weakerthans
elegy from gump worsley lyrics
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