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devil in the details lyrics

bright eyes
Artist: bright eyes
Song: devil in the details
A house of cards, supple heart
Is not a place to dwell
Now you have your cake
Don?t hesitate
Come on just do it
Come on just do it

Put it in your mouth
There is only now
Tomorrow has to wait
But know there?s no backing out
This is gonna be reality
You can never dream it down

I have
No way of telling
The two apart

Well I made amends
In the general sense
But the devil?s in the details
And I know the cause
And I want to stop
But I can?t do it
I just can?t do it

There was love unmeant
There were accidents
So tell me which is which
?Cause I just can?t work it out
But for memory and clarity
We had better write it down

I have no way
Of knowing the truth
With tongues of

I put the past into the ground
I saw the future as a cloud
If theres still time to turn around
I'm going to

Its just one day I fell asleep
And all day all night I dreamed
I am the first one I deceive
If I can make myself believe
The rest is easy
bright eyes
devil in the details lyrics
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