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devil in my dna lyrics

less than jake
Artist: less than jake
Song: devil in my dna
Album: Gnv Fla
Year: 2008
When is common sense too much to ask?
And then when did consequences get left in the past
Is it just bad habits or a typical script
Is it all big plans then a hit and a miss
Can say my influence becomes my design
Or is science and cigarettes my compromise
I don't know but I'm blaming everyone else
Just as long as I never put the blame on myself

Cause i know, I've waisted way too many times
Living way to many lies
How can this be my fault, I'm always right

There's a devil in my DNA
Programmed parts from all the start
Or is there no one left to blame?
For my tangled upgears and my turnstile jobs
Fact is I'm just a living sum of all my parts

When do instructions come with a catch?
And when is self-destruction just proven as a fact?
Is it just blind faith or the family name?
Is it all by chance or completly ingrained?

Can I say its an imbalance of the chemical kind
Or is my environment my only disguise
I don't kbow but I'm blaming everyone else
Just as long as I never put the blame on myself
less than jake
devil in my dna lyrics
by less than jake lyrics
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