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cursed to crawl lyrics

napalm death
Artist: napalm death
Song: cursed to crawl
Album: Diatribes
Year: 1996
A fragile peace that exists inside.
A frame so shallow,
so narrow-minded.
An open wound-
we run inside.
A raging turmoil.
Helplessness confides...
Cursed to crawl
for my pale and bleeding heart.
Cursed to crawl.
Pale and bleeding.
Enter this sphere,
commonplace, borderline.
Between my rage,
between your hate.
Damn your mistakes.
Fixations blinds.
The pain of knowing
the truth beyond...
(repeat chorus 2x)
A gruesome display,
perhaps a replay-
Reduced to nothing,
my piece of mind seduced.
The scares never heal...
(repeat chorus)
napalm death
cursed to crawl lyrics
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