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burnin' sensation lyrics

rodney carrington
Artist: rodney carrington
Song: burnin' sensation

Alright yall,
Whenever i go WEHOO! I want yall to say sing you bastard
(crowd)Sing you Bastard

She had a gap between her two front teeth that you could drive a truck through(beep, beep),
wreked like a trashcan dumpster that would kill you,
she drove a 1973 Chevy Blazer,
and her legs and her armpits never seen a razor,
she had curlers in her hair, window rolled down had a dip of snuff spit on the ground,
drunk as I was that woman looked good to me
oh yeah!

(Crowd & Rodney)Sing you bastard

Now I got This Burnin' sensation when I pee,
when i'm standin' in a public bathroom, people stop take a look at me,
I've got this burnin' sensation when I pee,
come on now let's hold hands and sing it,
come on,
grab your partner's hands look real lovingly in their eyes and sing it like this,
I got this burnin' sensation when I pee,
o hey hey
I got a damn good feelin' your the one who gave it to me,
I got creepy clawly crabs crawlin' all over me,
them itchy little bastards you just can't get 'em to leave,
rodney carrington
burnin' sensation lyrics
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