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body snatchers lyrics

Artist: scarface
Song: body snatchers
im on a rampage been forced 2 look at darkness brought up being heartless and with a gauge is how i'll gaurd this quietly i sit plottin hits like a lunatic waitin 4 a bitch 2 star t some shit so i can hit'em with a sring of bullets comin from a tech 9 warned u not 2 test mine and if u make it you'll know next time that if u fuk w/me im gonna get ya and when i catch ya you'll be a victim of the the call the body snatcher.......
many claim 2 b a gangsta but that gangsta aint a gangsta that gangta is a pranksta yea a prankstaz how i rank ya at the sight of blood u hold ya stomach then ur runnin hands over ya eyes and like a ho ya start to vomit but i aint never backed up rack up as they sack up and giggle and these niggaz when they die while bodies stack up like i said b4 the dj akshens my identity a homicidal maniac with suicidal tendencies the judge'll try 2 sentence me to 10 i'll never blink he'll change it say im phsyco and jus send me 2 a shrink 20 months im in suclusion and my heads filled with confusion got a fealin that im loosin so ive come 2 this conclusion i gotta get the fukk out i cant take it anymore caught a watchman at his post so i rushed him to the floor i was thinkin 2 myself wut if his posse comes 2 get me i know if im'll die i gotta take some niggaz with me put my hands around his neck began to choke em grabbed his pistol out hit holster then i smoked em waited a second and heard muthfukkas comin grabbed an xtra box of shells and started runnin now in the nigga cops r runnin after its time 2 snatch somebodies 'cause im the Bodysnatcher.............
body snatchers lyrics
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