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when you're in love lyrics

Artist: edward
Song: when you're in love
When You're In Love
I saw you walking down the street
The kind of girl I would Like to meet
Your put a smile on your face
Felt my heart all over the place
A love strike as quick as lighting
And your eyes looked so inviting
Felt myself staring like in a dream

CH (Back up always sing chorus)
When you're in love
The world it starts to shimmer
The sun starts to glimmer
And its so surreal just like a dream
Just like a dream

When You're in love
The moon starts romancing
The stars start a dancing
And the River's song
Your can hear it sing
You can Hear it sing

I saw you dancing down the street
When I told you you were sweet
I could see that look in your eye
Your voice quivered when you said good-by
How lively you did step
Love makes you never ever forget
I just can't forget

when you're in love lyrics
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