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welcome to my city lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: welcome to my city
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Uhhh, welcome to the 5-0-4 nigga. Dirty south haha
[Chorus--O'Dell x2]
Living is so hard in the city
Ah, living living living
Its so hard in the city
[Master P]
I'm from the city of the go getters, I mean the poor nigga
Where niggaz stunt like they rich for hoes but they broke nigga
In the bitches like a pea pod
And the niggaz ride in the hood and like to slang rocks
And bitches wanna make niggaz into they baby daddies
And niggaz still ride old school caddies
And a bunch of block parties with bar rooms on the corner
And niggaz wish they could move to California
Where it never rains in the sunshine
Cause dwon here the murder rate's high and bitches love to set the line
Alot of gold teeth and nicknames
Like Big Swoll, Big Boz, Hotboy and Big Man
And you might get a rep if you a killer
The city of the craw dads, bad cops, and drug dealers
And hoes love ya if ya famous
But niggaz representing wards in the projects is dangerous
[Chorus x2]
Young nigga got blast at the age of 14
A dope fiend stayed booted up cause he shooted up
Everybody suited up screaming God why
He was a killer and that's how most killers die
I used to tell him slow his roll back in 94
He wasn't tripping though running from the popos
Robbing niggaz for they rags and things
He ran up on the wrong nigga rearranged his brain
Now check it in my city ain't no Crips or Bloods
Niggaz yell 3rd Ward come equipped with slugs
And niggaz soldier rags blowing they soldier bags
Kicking up dust
Chasing paper that saying God we trust
9 to 5 can't do nothing for my light bill
So mothafuckas might kill for the right scrill
In the city we be busy and bust
And nigga you don't wanna fuck with us nigga what
[Chorus x2]
master p
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