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we thuggin' lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: we thuggin'
i could go get a bopper, and let her hop her, little ass in the dropper and let her drop, her panty hose when them hoes see propeller choppers, clothes they take like a helicopter, you could never stop the lizard man im the ruler, if she's on my lap top then it's not my computer, crips, bloods, latin kings, trunk bang Hikeem, my gang colors green, cause i got a gang of green, (beep) hey it's me, i guess it best if you call me back and let me know you've got my last message, (uuurrrppp) message erase, hey Koop it's Tacara and Sheena dont wanna bother ya call you tomorrow, again it stands, and im not yo friend, i hate you man, i'll never buy your CD again, (beep) it's E-black, got a show for 4 grand, 934 8292 hit me back man, (beep), message saved, trynna be first paid, and anybody trynna stop that, gon need first aid, put the thang so close to yo mouth and yo nose, that the heat will make the color melt off of your golds hoes, your girlfriend, i kicked her out of my houz, now she trynna come back, like Jay-Z did Nas, (aaannnttt), try again, not a nice guy, nice try, since yall look so sweet nigga, it's time to slice by
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