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viet nam lyrics

phil ochs
Artist: phil ochs
Song: viet nam
U.s. soldiers are a-dying over there, over there
As the status quo remains over there
U.s. soldiers are a-dying while their mothers sit home crying
It's a crime how they're dying over there.
Viet nam, oh viet nam, oh why must we die in viet nam
Well, I don't really care to die to die for the new frontier
And make viet nam safe for di-em-o-cra-cy.

Now one family rules the country over there, over there
And they lock up opposition over there
Well, I don't really crave to fill a viet nam-grave
As one family fills their pockets over there.

Now our soldiers burn the towns up over there, over there
And they relocate the people over there
Now this may sound like treason, but it sure shows lack of reason
To lock up groups of people over there.

Well, if you want to stop the fighting over there, over there
Then you better stir up action over here
Drop your congressman a line, let him know what's on your mind
And the crisis will be over over there.
phil ochs
viet nam lyrics
by phil ochs lyrics
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