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unfit earth lyrics

napalm death
Artist: napalm death
Song: unfit earth
Album: Harmony Corruption
Year: 1990
(Lyrics Greenway : Music Harris, Mick)

Looking from outside inwards
A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds
Silent screams from an unfit Earth
Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide
Disasters man made and natural
Gradually pushing to absolute imbalance
On the scales of survival
Soon to tip in favour if extinction
An unrelenting dioxin cloud
Propelled to dispel our oxygen
Slowly seizing up our lungs
And choking the ground we depend upon
Silent screams from an unfit Earth
Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide
Transforming aquatic inhabitance
Overcome by cocktails of sludge and chemicals
Interfering with life on which so many rely
Then dumping our shit to economise
Wanton destruction
Environment in regression
All reverse into decline
Kiss this unfit goodbye
Silent screams from an unfit Earth
A future of provocation with nowhere to go
napalm death
unfit earth lyrics
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