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thirty nine and holding lyrics

jerry lee lewis
Artist: jerry lee lewis
Song: thirty nine and holding
Thirty-Nine And Holding (Track#2)
Jerry Lee Lewis
(J. Foster, B. Rice)
Album: Live Wembley Arena
London November 4, 1982

He's out there somewhere every night
The music's playin' loud
He's doing all-a those fifty's steps
He's in a 1980 crowd

Dim lights hide the milage line
Clairol hides the gray
And he won't mention anything
To give his old age away

Oh Lord, he's thirty-nine an he's holdin'
He's holdin' everything that he can
From seventeen to twenty-five
He'll prove he's still a man

Hey boy, you're holding to a candle
And it's a-burning at both ends
Thirty-nine and holding
A-holdin' everything that I can

(Instrumental, piano and fiddle solo)

Well, now you can bet he'll never see
Thirty-nine, again
Son, you oughta given up a long time ago
But you just keep on hangin' in

He still thinks that he's the man
That he once used to be
Boy, you're just thirty-nine
And you're dreamin'
Acting twenty-three

Oh-oh, he's thirty-nine, he's holdin'
Holdin' everything that he can
From seventeen to twenty-five
He'll prove he's still a man

He's a-holding to a candle
My God, it's burning at both ends!
He's thirty-nine and he's holdin'
Holdin' everything he can

(Instrumental and piano solo to end)

He's thirty-nine and he's dreamin'.

jerry lee lewis
thirty nine and holding lyrics
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