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the legend of xanadu lyrics

The Fall
Artist: The Fall
Song: the legend of xanadu
You cannot legislate against wrongful encouagement

You'll hear my words
On the winds 'cross the sand
If you should return
To that black barren land that bears the name of Xanadu

First without hope was our love
Then I saw it was lost from the start
It was the jewel that was nestling in the heart of Xanadu

And the footprints leave their traces
Only shadows move in places where we used to go
And the buildings open to the sky
All echo to the sky as if to show
Our love was for a day
And soon to pass away in Xanadu
In Xanadu
On holiday

In Xanadu, in Xanadu, in Xanadu

What was it to you that a man laid down his life for your love?
Were those clear eyes of yours ever filled with pain and grief?
Did you ever give yourself to one man in this whole wide world?
You left me but you will find your way back
To that black barren land that bears the name of Xanadu

You'll hear my voice cross the winds on the sand
If you should return
To Xanadu, to Xanadu, to Xanadu
To Xanadu
The Fall
the legend of xanadu lyrics
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