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thank god lyrics

ice cube
Artist: ice cube
Song: thank god
Album: Raw Footage
Year: 2008
I do gangsta rap
They wanna blame world problems on gangsta rap
It's our faul cuz motherfuckers is dyin' in Iraq
It's our faul cuz motherfuckers is starvin' in Africa
It's gangsta rap faul that people are pour can't get
enough to fuckin' eat or live their life!
That's rap music faul!
It's rap music faul that we got all this goddamn laws
and restriction and shit we can't do
They blame it all on us
I'm blamin' em for gangsta rap because if they didn't create
this kind of condition I wouldn't have shit to rap about!
You know what I mean?
ice cube
thank god lyrics
by ice cube lyrics
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