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sorrow throughout the nine worlds lyrics

amon amarth
Artist: amon amarth
Song: sorrow throughout the nine worlds
Album: Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
Year: 1996
Demons haunt my taunted mind
I'm scared
My death's foreseen ungloryful
Please father
Make my demons disappear
Please mother
Death is everywhere

My son, I've seen your fear
I have felt your pain
No harm will come to you
An oath has been sworn

The evil forces around us
Still want to destroy me
Who is the evil slayer
I cannot see

Loke, the deceitful god
Discovers the arrow of death

Pointed for h§èder the blind
By the jealous loke
The arrow cuts through the skin
And into the heart of the bright one

Silence spreads throughout the hall of aesir
As the God of light fells to his knees dying!

Sorrow throughout the nine worlds
The bright God is gone
Sent to nifelheim by the deceitful
amon amarth
sorrow throughout the nine worlds lyrics
by amon amarth lyrics
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