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solitaire lyrics

nina simone
Artist: nina simone
Song: solitaire
Since you've gone, I spend each lonely night
Dealing out the cards from left to right
And the King of heart is there to remind me
Man, I'm all alone playing solitaire

Love was just another game for two
I see now that's all it's meant to you
And my heart got lost somewhere in the shuffle
So I'm all alone playing solitaire

In each romance, there's an element of chance
A gamble to win or to lose
You play to win, then you find you're playing in a game with no rules
Just made for fools

Now, the joker has a laugh on me
'Cause I played my hand so carelessly
And until you wanna share that old feeling
I'll be dealin' time away with solitaire

And until you want to share that old feeling
Honey, I'll be dealin' time away
Dealin' time away with solitaire
nina simone
solitaire lyrics
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