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soho square lyrics

kirsty maccoll
Artist: kirsty maccoll
Song: soho square
Your name froze on the winter air
An empty bench in Soho Square
Forgotten, now I turn away
Just save me for a rainy day
But don't be sorry, I don't want to hear it, baby

My feet froze in the winter chill
I knew I'd probably get ill
But I was praying we could fill an empty bench
And still you're so sorry, but I don't want your pity, baby

It's all yours now, please don't tease
The pigeons shiver in the naked trees
And I'll do anything but please don't hurt me
Just kiss me quick 'cos it's my birthday
And I feel so small I don't know why
But no I'm not too old to cry

An empty bench in Soho Square
If you'd have come you'd have found me there
But you never did 'cos you don't care
And I'm so sorry, baby

I don't mind loneliness too much
But when I met you I was touched
And that was good enough for me
But do we always have to be sorry
Why can't we just be happy, baby?

One day you'll be waiting there
No empty bench in Soho Square
And we'll dance around like we don't care
And I'll be much too old to cry
And you'll kiss me quick
In case I die before my birthday

One day you'll be waiting there
No empty bench in Soho Square
No, I don't know the reason why
I'll love you till the day I die

But one day you'll be waiting there
Come summertime in Soho Square
And I'll be painting stars up in the sky
Before I get too old to cry before my birthday
I hope I see those pigeons fly before my birthday
In Soho Square on my birthday
kirsty maccoll
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