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run you out the game lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: run you out the game
Album: The Mix Tape Messiah
Year: 2005
Why, you are still are talking lies
Don't they know I will ride
And make somebody slide
Be with it
Why, you are still are talking lies
Don't they know I will ride
And make these busters hide
Be with it
We run the game, run, we run the game
Run the game, game, try to scandalise my name
We run the game, run, we run the game
Run the game, game, try to scandalise my name

[Chamillionaire talking over hook]
Shoulda seen it coming baby
Shoulda seen it coming nigga
Yo, yo
We running the game nigga, I'ma run you out the game nigga
I ain't gonna let no pussy niggas represent my city nigga
Nuh uh, especially not no gimmick pussy niggas

We real niggas, we ride chrome, we don't listen to the Jones
We give a damn whether you like him or whether he pick up his phone
Smoking cigars on album covers, that nigga thinking he Capone
Who the hell is gassing him up? They got him sipping on Patron
(That was wrong) I mean petroleum, roll with him, wouldn't try
You'd step over to the side and sit it down if you was wise
Dyke Jones just died, "Chamillion, what is your reply?"
Must of did like my door handles and committed suicide
(Is that right) Messed up cause his thing used to be an anthem
But I only think you pussy when I hear it like a tampon
He'll be working at the dam pond, now I don't drive a Phantom
With the money I make offa this CD I'll probably grab one
Damn, tell me why you had to do that Cham
Cause I don't give a damn how many shows he doing man
I bring beef outside the club like biggity boot that man
And that's 32 chambers less than the Wu-Tang Clan, yep
Four featers, two peoples you already know
Swishahouse ain't gotta screw you cause you already slow
I wasted time chopping, came up wit him at his show
And he was like I gotta go, "I gotta go snitch on Magno"
Don't step up to the throne, you know you need to back down
Mixtape Messiah 2, I'ma give the streets your whole background
Funny looking rap clown, they gonna look at all your raps now
And say "Dyke Jones!" how hilarious does that sound?
He took me off, I ain't tripping, different versions of the song
But that's cool, Dyke Jones isn't gonna be tipping long
Cause he didn't call for back up, too bad he didn't have his phone
That nigga didn't have to roam, that nigga shoulda stayed at home

[Hook minus last 4 lines]

"See I'm sheriff around these parts and umm
In my neck of the woods, we don't allow too many dykes
Nope, my trusty little musket right here says that uh
You got ten seconds to get outa Georgia or you gonna be dodging bullets
One... three... ten...
[Gun shots]
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